Financial Education

Budget Workshops:
The client will learn how to create a budget and know what components are involved in a budget. Also, provide client with the ability to handle personal finances and make good money decisions. Upon the conclusion of this budgeting session, the client will know the difference between needs vs. wants. The person will also know why and understand where their money is going and be able to track the information and adjust their budget and spending. Client's behavior about spending habits will change and they will begin to live within their means.

Credit Workshops:

  1. How to Handle Credit: The client will learn that credit is not free. The client will understand when to use credit and when you have enough income or savings to repay the loan or purchase.
  2. Credit Reporting: The client will be introduced to the credit granting process, how to evaluate credit offers, and how their credit report can affect their ability to get credit. At the end of this class, the client will understand and be able to read credit reports.
  3. I.D Theft: We will be able to let people know what identity theft means. Identity theft means someone is establishing credit in your name. The client will know what id theft is and how to protect themselves against becoming a victim and what to do if they become a victim.
  4. Teaching Teens: The client is designed to introduce young people to financial skills that are necessary to establish credit and manage their financial lives. Discussion topics include distinguishing wants from needs, introduction to budgeting, and laying a foundation that will allow them to evaluate credit offers, in order to protect themselves as they establish credit.
  5. Managing Money: Money management means incorporating skills gained through education into a cohesive plan that leads a client toward particular goals that may include home ownership or long term financial stability. Clients will learn budget techniques, how to analyze their cash flow, and to incorporate the idea that self discipline is not self denial, but a way to achieve their dreams.
  6. Savings: Clients who attend this seminar will learn techniques and skills that will help them maximize their ability to save. Discussion topics include developing a realistic budget, how to track expenses, how to recognize areas of spending that be controlled, and how to set savings goals.