Consumer Credit Counseling of Northwest Indiana offers a comprehensive housing counseling program including:

First Time Homebuyers Classes:

This provides a general overview of the home buying process. Presented monthly, this eight hour course is divided into three sessions (in accordance with Fannie Mae and the Indiana Association for Community Economic Development standards) and focuses on developing money management skills; understanding credit reports and restoring credit worthiness; pre-qualifying for a mortgage; shopping for a home; understanding the closing process; and becoming aware of county, state and federal programs available to first time homebuyers. Consumers who complete the course receive a certificate.

Pre-Purchase Counseling:

This is offered one-on-one to consumers who have already qualified for their mortgage. The primary focus of this session is the closing process. Consumers are given the opportunity to address any questions or concerns they may have about the process. Counselors are willing to review and explain truth-in-lending disclosures and good faith estimates, and present the consumer with information to identify and avoid predatory lending practices.

Post-Purchase Counseling:

This typically offered in a workshop setting, this class provides the home owner with the tools and techniques necessary to maintain and protect their property. This workshop focuses on home maintenance and repairs and financial management. Counselors will also discuss foreclosure prevention.

Default Counseling:

This is offered as a one-on-one session (with as much follow up as needed), the consumer and a HUD certified counselor will discuss the circumstances that led to the delinquency, assess the current financial status, and present possible workout strategies. If needed, the counselor will talk to the mortgage company directly to try and arrive at a realistic reinstatement plan. If it seems unlikely the consumer can keep the property, the counselor will discuss ways to surrender the property.

How to be a Knowledgeable Renter:

Everyone does not want to own a home, a series of workshops have been developed to assist clients that are moving into their first apartment. Suitable for students and other young people beginning life on their own, or people leaving a home and living in an apartment for the first time, these workshops focus on leases, rights, responsibilities, rental agreements and rent subsidy programs.